Ezen Financials.

Continuous pursuit for perfection

Ezen Financials is an integrated property management system designed with the user and ease of use in mind. ​Ezen Financials​ lets you manage all your properties in one place. Whether you are a letting agent, or independent Landlord, we have you covered. The high level benefits of using this system as your property management solution include the following;

  • Quickly organise your properties and tenants. Ezen financials ​lets you have a 360 degree view of all the aspects of the property. It’s a total property management solution
  • Manage your income and expenditure with ease
  • Effortlessly keep on top of maintenance activity and the expenses related to them
  • Produce landlord statements in seconds!
  • Comprehensive suite of management reports

Simple Books

Smart web accounting software

Simple Books is a smart web accounting software that will streamline your back office operations, automate business workflows and help you securely collaborate with your accountant online.

It is designed for all business sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises, and works well for services, consulting and marketing companies. With the latest inventory feature, retail businesses can keep track of their stock and make smart purchase decisions. It allows you to invoice your clients in their currency.

Simple Books ​is a web­-based application and is available on iOS, Android and even windows app.


​Comprehensive, integrated health information system

Is a comprehensive, integrated health information system designed to manage all the aspects of a hospital operation, such as medical, administrative, financial, and legal and the corresponding service request processing. It can take care of much complex #OPD operation; it covers complete cycle from Patient Registration, Appointment, Consultation, Service Requests, Patient Case Files, along with Prescription writing at a high level.

Guaranteed benefits of using CORVIMED as a healthcare automation solution;

  • Overall Big Savings on Time, Labor and Cost. Manually repetitive tasks are automated to save on time, need for manual labor and subsequent costs for compensation (salary).
  • Improvement on Quality and Consistency; Human error and fatigue are significantly reduced with automation.
  • Improvement on wastage and proliferation as stock is precisely tracked, reported and analysed. This improves budgeting and forecasting as operations are smoothened out and bottlenecks are effectively eliminated.
  • The improved service durations conversely leads to higher throughput and with that, higher revenue
  • Improved transparency and accountability especially increases patient satisfaction with side effects such loyalty, referral and repeat visits.

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